Living in Eindhoven: why so (much) fun for expats?

Eindhoven is a popular city amongst expats. The expectation is that the growth of the international citizens will increase in the next few years. What is it that makes living in Eindhoven so appealing to expats?

8 reasons why living in Eindhoven is so much fun for expats

1. Employment opportunities

Naturally, the brain port region plays a big part in the appeal of Eindhoven. A lot of expats find employment at an international tech-company or a start-up. International students quickly find their ways at schools such as the TU/E or Fontys. This goes hand in hand with finding a home and this is mostly found in and around Eindhoven.

2. Big city feel, but small at heart

Eindhoven belongs to the five largest municipalities in the Netherlands. The amount of residents in Eindhoven is increased with 37.082 people (rounded of this is 18%), from 197.374 in the year 1996 to 234.456 in 2020. (source:

Despite the large amount of residents, of which is expected that one-third will consist of internationals in the upcoming years, Eindhoven remains orderly and pleasant. The Brabant mentality is being mixed with international influences, with respect for everyone’s origin and culture.
Eindhoven thinks big, but is able to maintain the friendly mentality of the region. Moreover, it is not only the center, but also the business parks, the University and surrounding villages; by car, public transport and … by bicycle.

3. The nightlife of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is not only buzzing during the day, but also at night. The entertainment areas Stratumseind, the Markt, De Bergen, Strijp S and the Stationskwartier are popular. The wide range catering industry offers entertainment for everyone; from Michelin star restaurants to trendy cocktail bars. You can indulge yourself here. In addition to this, all entertainment areas are within walking distance of each other and English is spoken with ease almost everywhere.

4. Central position amongst the green

Surrounding Eindhoven there is a lot of greenery. From the center you reach the forest within twenty minutes, and the center also knows a lot of well-maintained parks. On top of that, Eindhoven is working on more green areas, which will make the city center even more attractive. In addition, the central location of Eindhoven is ideal. Travelling to major cities like Amsterdam, Maastricht and Antwerp and also Germany and Belgium are within easy reach. Even a beach walk along the vast Dutch coast can be realized within 1.5 hours. Flying for work or visiting family? Eindhoven Airport can be reached in fifteen minutes from the center.

5. Football

Football club PSV is not only popular with people from Brabant. More and more expats know where to find the football club for an evening out. PSV has two official supporter associations and 28,000 season ticket holders. More and more expats are very fond of this club.

6. Dutch design

Eindhoven is known for its role within the international design world. The world famous Dutch Design Week takes place in Eindhoven every year. In addition, Eindhoven is known for its Design Academy. This is a specialized school for higher professional education in the field of industrial design.

7. Culture & museums

Are you a culture lover? Visit the Van Abbemuseum for modern art or learn more about the history of Philips in the Philips museum. Parktheater Eindhoven offers a varied program of performances. The Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and the Effenaar both have a large variety of musical entertainment. You can grab a movie at one of the cinemas in Eindhoven. The Vincent van Gogh ‘heritage’ centers are also well worth a visit.

8. Rich international community

As a result of the large flow of expats, you see many initiatives from like-minded people. There are various associations, meetings and drinks for expats, organized by expats. So you never have to feel lonely as an expat!

Living in Eindhoven

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